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About Pluriselect

Pluriselect-usa, Inc. is a Life Sciences company that develops, manufactures, and distributes products for the separation, isolation, concentration, or removal of particles and cells from liquids. We are the partner of Pluriselect Life Sciences (Germany).

Our more than 480 products are used in many live science disciplines.

We sell to Research Labs, >4000 scientists, nationally and abroad.

PluriSelect-usa was established in San Diego, California in 2013 by Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Heinrich, a German scientist with expertise in Immunology, Molecular Biology, and Virology.

About Pluriselect


Pluriselect-usa, Inc offers the greatest diversity of cell and particle strainers: 7 product families with 1 micrometer to 1,000-micrometer mesh size and working volume from few microliters up to unlimited (PluriStrainer, Mini-Strainer, Mini-membrane Strainer, Syringe Strainer, Uberstrainer, Re-Strainer (in-line-strainer), Metal Basket Strainer)

We offer the highest product variety for density-based particle and cell separation; different Density Gradient Media and two different devices for the optimal and time-saving separation of target cells from blood (Plurimate and Twinspin).

Pluriselect-usa has an extensive assortment of antibody-supported, non-magnetic particle systems for the positive or negative target cell separation (Pluribeads, Plurispin) for 11 different species.

Sample preparation is the first and crucial step in research where the scientist decides if he will separate a target Particle or Cell and if that will be done according to size, weight, or specific epitopes. Pluriselect’s products have an extensive variety of tools to assist in Sample preparation.

Products You Can Feel Good About Using

All of our Products are created with care. We care about the scientist and researchers using them, so we take the time to listen to their hopes and frustrations, and work with them to deliver tools that push their research ahead.

We also care about the people who create these tools for us.

We are proud to share that our selection of companies to work with includes only those that treat ALL of their workers with respect and dignity.

About Pluriselect

Forward Thinking

New product ideas emerge from giving technical support to our customers. We understand the hardships of a researcher in a lab out of our own experience. We listen to their problems and try to help. One outcome of listening, understanding, and creating are the ÜberStrainer, Mini-Strainer, Syringe-Strainer, and the in-line-Strainer (Re-Strainer)

About Pluriselect

Problem Solvers

Our support team is sought-after consultants in scientific research and cell separation technologies. Every conversation and experience leads to further the utility of innovative devices. We can incorporate new additions/modifications for your needs.

About Pluriselect

Customer Support

Technical Support on all pluriSelect products is handled by our scientists, innovators, and technicians… and sometimes by our product developers!